Boar Bristle Hair Brush

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Want shiny, healthy, manageable hair? No sweat. Our Boar Bristle Hair Brush detangles as it spreads oil from your roots to the tip of your hair. No more breakage, no more split ends, not more frizz: just strong, healthy, beautiful hair.

    Product Description

    • QUALITY TOOLS FOR HEALTHY HAIR: Our boar bristle hair brush is designed to give your hair the support it deserves. By combining pure boar bristles and nylon pins in a unique configuration, our brush detangles stubborn knots while spreading nourishing oils from your scalp along the length of your hair. The results? Happy, healthy locks that are easy to style.
    • CONDITION WHILE YOU BRUSH: Who says you need to hop in the shower to condition your hair? Our boar bristle brush nourishes and hydrates hair naturally. The secret’s in the bristles – natural boar bristles are perfectly suited to moving your body’s natural oils. By transporting oils from your scalp down to your tips, you’ll end up with hair that’s shiny, happy, and healthy.
    • KEEPS ALL HAIR TYPES HAPPY: This brush works beautifully for any type of hair! Whether your hair is thin or thick, straight or curly, or anywhere in between, it will help to naturally moisturize and detangle your lovely locks. Brush every day for hair that’s soft, shiny, free of frizz, and a joy to style.
    • SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY: We made a point to design our boar bristle brush around one of the most sustainable plants on earth: bamboo. Bamboo has a much faster regrowth cycle and yield than conventional timber, and it can be harvested with virtually no environmental impact. We think it’s the perfect choice for a brush that’s as friendly to the environment as it is to your hair.
    • LOVE IT OR LET US KNOW – We know you’re gonna love what our boar bristle brush can do. We’re so confident that we’ll even guarantee it. Every product we sell comes with a 30 day, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If at any point over the next month you don’t love your brush, just send it back and we’ll give you a full refund – no awkward questions required.


    The boar bristle hair brush isn’t anything new – it’s how stars in the 30’s and 40’s created their iconic styles. But if you’ve never tried one, you’ll be blown away at this difference it can make in how you care for your hair. Forget slathering your ‘do with conventional conditioners filled with sketchy chemicals. Hydrate and care for your hair naturally through the unique abilities of our boar bristle brush.

    A special configuration of nylon pins and pure boar bristles makes this brush stand out from the rest. When you use it you’ll spread your body’s nourishing oils from your scalp to your tips. The result? Naturally conditioned hair without the shower. And conditioning is just the beginning: boar bristle brushes help stimulate hair growth, can ease frizz and flyaways, cause less damage than conventional brushes, and can even help you style your hair.

    We designed our brush around one of the most sustainable plants on earth – bamboo. Use it with the confidence of knowing your beauty tools caused virtually no environmental impact. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly beauty or want to switch up your hair care routine, you’ll love the difference our boar bristle brush makes. Try it today – you’ll never go back to your old brush again!



    1. Start with dry hair – brushing wet hair can lead to breakage.
    2. Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush.
    3. Use your boar bristle brush to brush from your hair’s root to its tips.
    4. If you have normal or thick hair, brush in sections. Start by brushing the back of your hair, then brush the rest in segments.
    5. After use, carefully remove any hair left in brush with a wide tooth comb.
    6. To clean, rinse brush with shampoo and water. Squeeze rubber cushion gently to remove any trapped water. Allow brush to dry by laying it on a flat towel with the bristles face down.


    DIMENSIONS: 10.5 x 3 x 1.5 in